philip hayden

executive producer

Philip graduated from drama school in 1999. Since which time he has been a career actor, theatre maker, producer and director. Amongst many television, film and theatre appearances Philip has performed leading roles on London’s West End, appeared in classic HBO drama Band of Brothers, played the role of “McKew” in the hit Stan show Romper Stomper, been a semi regular on live children’s television for the BBC and performed multiple roles for award-winning Australian theatre company Red Stitch. Philip has also co-founded several theatre companies, the latest of which (Key Conspirators) is presently focused on developing new Australian writing and produced the hit, sell-out show Quite Drunk, Very Jesus-y in 2019.

Philip Hayden is the co-founder and Director of the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia and has led the organisation (in conjunction with Patrick Constantinou) since it began in 2011. Outside of performing Philip is also one of the founders and original Directors of the Poppy Seed Theatre Festival. A pioneering festival designed specifically to support mid-career and emerging theatre makers in Melbourne.

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