Production News

It’s Premiere Day!

Walking Shadows Vol. 1 from Shakespeare Republic creator/director Sally McLean , featuring the 2021 full time acting graduates from Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia will be hitting the airwaves via our YouTube Channel TODAY at 12.30pm AEST!

Join us for the live premiere of the first three episodes, hosted in the accompanying live chat by Sally McLean, beginning with Alyssa Kale playing “Luciana” (The Comedy of Errors), Vassili Katsakis playing “Shylock” (The Merchant of Venice) and Emily Chadwick playing “Portia” (Julius Caesar)!

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Alyssa’s Episode (premiering at 12.30pm):

Vassili’s Episode (premiering at 12.35pm):

Emily’s Episode (premiering at 12.40pm):

With 22 episodes in total, we’re excited to get this show on the road! See you online to share this new chapter of Shakespeare work performed by a new generation of actors fresh to the world stage!