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Walking Shadows reviewed for the British Shakespeare Association

We were so delighted to have the first season of Walking Shadows reviewed at the British Shakespeare Association website. Here is an excerpt with a link to the full review:

Excerpt from article “Creating meaning through Shakespeare in and out of lockdown: Walking Shadows” by Benjamin Broadribb for The British Shakespeare Association

Walking Shadows returns to Shakespeare to find meaning in what normality means now that the restrictions of the past two years are largely no longer in place …

The first episode of Walking Shadows features Alyssa Kale performing Luciana’s ‘And may it be that you have quite forgot / A husband’s office?’ speech from The Comedy of Errors (3.1.1-28). McLean transforms the comedic case of mistaken identity into a serious monologue. Kale stands in her kitchen speaking directly into the camera, positioning the viewer as the source of her unwanted attention. The effect is one of discomfort, the actor and director forcing the viewer to suddenly and unexpectedly be thrust into proximity and conspiracy with Luciana. Lines such as ‘Look sweet, speak fair, become disloyalty’ (3.1.11) take on a newly sinister sense, further punctuated by Kale’s restless delivery as if constantly on edge …

The framing of the shot makes Luciana appear boxed into the room, as if imprisoned by her own home. The juxtaposition with the preceding image of the bright green birds together on verdant grass emphasises both Luciana’s aloneness and the relatively dimly lit shot of her kitchen – the contrast encapsulated in the words ‘LIGHT’ and ‘SHADOW’ hidden amongst the now jumbled letters on the fridge door.

McLean’s episode encapsulates the conflicting experience of regaining at least some of the freedoms lost during lockdown. Whilst they may not have experienced the same situation as Luciana, watching the first episode of Walking Shadows, the audience see reflected in her their own anxieties and apprehensions from the past two years.

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